Many years ago, I knew a woman who had escaped an abusive husband. But not before he beat her numerous times, usually where the bruises and abrasions wouldn’t show. She never wore short sleeved or sleeveless tops because her arms and shoulders were almost always discolored and swollen. She never showed her legs because there were usually welts on them. One night, he went farther – he broke her arm. That was it – the moment when her strength returned, the moment when she found the courage to leave and report him. But, she said, it wasn’t really the broken arm – it was the way he laughed at her pain. The obvious pleasure he took in her suffering was what tipped the scales and ended his tyranny over her. His sadistic pleasure was the memory that crowded out all the others.

I thought of her the other night when I was watching Don Lemon’s show on CNN. Michael d’Antonio, author of The Truth About Trump, was one of the guest panelists and the subject was the border crisis – specifically the horror of children being ripped from their parents and put into cages. Donald Trump likes this “separation policy” a lot and wants to continue it. Michael d’Antonio, in speaking about the cruelty of it, said about Trump, “He is a sadistic, cruel person.” He said that Trump “takes pleasure” in things like this, when people suffer as a result of his actions.

If that’s true, and there is no reason to think it’s not – Michael d’Antonio has spent a great deal of time with Trump – it’s the link that ties everything together. Trump’s clear affection for brutal dictators, the glee he takes in belittling people, calling them names, his ebullience in jacking up his crowds at rallies to taunt and hurl obscenities at the media, praising acts of violence. In all these instances, he’s clearly having fun. He was positively glowing when he said that he and Kim Jong Un “fell in love.” A dictator whose cruelty apparently has no limits is who the current President of the United States has fallen in love with.

Most dictators take pleasure in exacting sadistic punishments on those who they see as less than, even including torture and death. It’s a characteristic that unites all of them, no matter what part of the world they rule or what chapter of history they inhabit. To think that the man occupying the White House finds happiness through sadistic measures should chill all of us, no matter what side of the political fence you’re on.

And it should, in an ideal world, make us say, This is not who should be running America. America was not created on a foundation of inhumanity, although we have had many dark chapters in our history when inhumanity and cruelty became established norms. The decimation of Native Americans, slavery, the Japanese internment camps, are shameful parts of our history. They should both haunt us and stand as warnings.

Let your mind linger on the brutality of ripping children away from their parents, putting those children in cages and telling the parents they can’t get them back. Reflect on a president who thinks it’s just fine, who really likes this way of treating people. And then ask yourself how history will record these times we are living in.



  1. You are 100% right about living in cruel times. These times are dehumanizing and very few people care about underprivileged children in spite of the concerned mission statements of foundations and their wealthy benefactors education has been forgotten as the way for underprivileged and segregated children to rise out of poverty. I have been working for 29 years to spread my wisdom, which is the only easy to read and understand wisdom for almost all children that affords them the opportunity for a better life and greater equality. Good people fail to even make a simple click to look at the wisdom let alone read all of it aimhighteentips.com This to mean is shameful if indeed people do care about children. It takes a few seconds and if a person wants to read the wisdom (again for children for a positive peer pressure, fewer bullies and more equality) it would take 45 minutes to read all the Teen Tips. The wealthy foundations rather than put wisdom in the hands of each child on their screens shun doing something for all children because I believe they want to control the education system and who gets ahead. This is their honest way of paying off people as opposed to the people who just got caught paying bribes and cheating. The wealthy instead of focussing on all children and lifting up all children from squalor protect their own children and grandchildren’s places in the colleges of their choice. Those who are poor and suffer from de facto segregation stay in the same place for decades, generation after generation and the elites take the praise for building a new school here and there or instituting a new program based on some study that if ever enacted will cost $ millions and help very few children. All this is BS compared to putting wisdom in the hands of each child and giving them all some equality and equity for school and life. But in reality equality is not what the elites want, they want aristocracy and they have it. Patti please read the Tips or just a few and make believe you are in junior high a public school with privileged and underprivileged kids trying to learn aimhighteentips.com and I do this all free. Thanks Brad

  2. deb kim says:

    Israel just re-elected a crook as their leader. Will We the People do the same in 2020? God willing….

  3. Russell Daron says:

    So true. What kind of people can stand by and protect this sadistic pathetic person or the Senate sycophants? We have to make the 2020 election a redaction of the current administration or we are complicit.

  4. Rodney Wilson says:

    We’re in such a mess, daily my heart breaks.

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