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Since publishing my novel Till Human Voices Wake Us, which is at its core about two sisters-in-law who unexpectedly fall in love, I have un-friended two Facebook “friends” and have apparently been un-friended by a real life friend whose views

People Magazine Review

Many thanks go out to Joanna Powell at People Magazine for reviewing my latest novel, Till Human Voices Wake Us. Click on the June 24, 2013, cover here to read the review in full.    

Neworld Review

I am featured on the cover of Neworld Review, with a pretty positive book review for Till Human Voices Wake Us. Thank you to Sally Cobau for a thoughtful and insightful review.

MORE Magazine Interviews Patti

MORE Magazine interviewed me about Till Human Voices Wake Us and the freedom of being able to write what I want. Read the article, Patti Davis Pens A Lesbian Love Story.

First Daughter Turns First-Time Self-Publisher

Big thanks to Tom Eubanks for writing this article in Kirkus Reviews about my self-publishing Till HumanVoices Wake Us. Read First Daughter Turns First-Time Self Publisher.