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ABOUT 9/11

In my new novel, The Wrong Side of Night, 9/11 serves as the backstory. The main character’s father and brother died on that day, with none of their remains ever found. We discover part way through the novel, however, that


Seventeen years ago, on September 11th, my mother and I stood at my father’s bedside to tell him what had happened to his beloved country. He was almost completely bedridden by then and had retreated into the mysterious silence that


After nearly 4 years of living in Manhattan, I had moved back to Los Angeles a couple of years before September 11, 2001.  My father was deep into Alzheimer’s and I wanted to be near him. It was just past


Donald Trump doesn’t need to get the Republican nomination or be elected president (yes, it could happen) in order to change this country. He’s already doing it. Things we once relied on — facts, truth, respect for our fellow human


Terror was once something that, for most people, existed outside the boundaries of their lives. It was something they hoped to never experience, although everyone could probably think of at least one occasion when they were truly terrified. Then terrorism