Angels Don’t Die

Angels Don't Die by Patti Davis

Angels Don’t Die: My Father’s Gift of Faith

The daughter of the former president pays tribute to her father, Ronald Reagan, describing his spiritual strength in the face of Alzheimer’s, the impact of his near assassination, and his spiritual legacy to her and others.

Ronald Reagan reassured his daughter when she was a child of eight or nine and concerned that “it was true that every time a star falls it means an angel has died.”

“Angels don’t die,” he responded, with the simplicity and sincerity that marked his religious beliefs. In Angels Don’t Die, Patti Davis talks about the gift of faith Reagan has shared with her. Childhood stories about angels, prayer, and fireflies segue into her own rebellious and angry feelings in early adulthood and lead finally into a peaceful conviction—“a deep, resilient faith that God’s love never wavers.”

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