In case anyone was optimistic enough to think that Donald Trump couldn’t go any lower, his latest salvo will dispel that notion. He has now thrown out President Obama’s 21014 ban on bringing elephant “souvenirs” — meaning body parts — back to the United States after killing the animals in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Proof that, if something has Obama’s name on it, he will get rid of it even if it’s a measure designed to slow the extermination of some of the most majestic animals on earth.

It’s well known that Trump’s sons are enthusiastic hunters. So is Ryan Zinke, by the way. Daddy’s little boys must be thrilled that they can go kill some more endangered animals and then decorate their walls with the severed parts. I’m betting Satan himself is saying, “Damn that Trump is good. Even I didn’t think of this.”

We are losing elephants at a staggering rate. Savanna elephants declined by 30% across 18 countries in Africa from 2007 to 2014. In one area of Zimbabwe the population dropped by 74%. Yet the Trump administration is taking the word of Zimbabwe, the most corrupt country on earth, that killing elephants is going to be good for the population. That it’s actually “conservation.” Only an idiot would believe that. But Trump doesn’t believe or disbelieve. He simply doesn’t care. He doesn’t care that baby elephants stand for days, weeks  even, beside the bodies of their mothers, bellowing in grief. Many of them die from grief even after they are rescued. He doesn’t care that elephants are intelligent, sentient creatures whose family bonds are stronger and healthier than those of most humans.

He also doesn’t care that millions of people are heartbroken over the loss of endangered animals, that they’re disgusted with him and shudder when they use the word hatred in reference to him, but use it anyway. He doesn’t care because he lives in a world of his own creation. He actually believes the rest of the world admires what America has become in the past year.

Donald Trump will, sadly, leave a legacy — hopefully a short one. He will leave behind a tarnished image of a once-great country. He will leave blood trails and dead bodies, both human and animal. And he will leave a planet at the tipping point of destruction, a planet he has damaged more than any president before him by throwing out every measure designed to stop our slide toward environmental death.

But hey, Daddy’s little boys will still get to feel like big men when they mount animal heads on their walls.


  1. The so called President that cares about nothing. 45 has no morals or empathy. Loves two things himself and money. I do not think he is as rich as he pretends. Tax returns?

    • Cary ONeal says:

      Dear Patti, Could not agree more. I had to include RICO evidence implicating him, Rex Tillerson and Russian oil companies among many
      others in a book just picked up last week by Barnes & Noble. Let’s
      hope the info gets out into the public eye asap. The book is titled:
      Trump Russian R.I.C.O. Violations? You Decide.

  2. David Marks says:

    Patti, I’m hoping that Trump’s legacy of the dehumanization of the globe, will live on for years to come. I truly don’t want him to be remembered briefly as the very worst America has to offer. He has set a new bar, one drenched in evil and a complete lack of empathy. This latest move, one which will inflict great harm on one of the earth’s greatest animals, is not only atrocious, it is pure and callous disregard for life and the beauty that is our world. Thank you for writing this and sharing, as always.

  3. Lydia Davis says:

    He truly doesn’t care!!!
    It’s heartbreakingly sad and
    He just doesn’t care!!!
    Thank you for the eloquence of your words once again.

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