Books-by-patti-davis-the-blue-hourBecause my new novel is a “young adult fiction” ghost story, I decided to reach out directly to the age group I hope will read this book. Don’t get me wrong, I think adults will like it too, and the ones who have read it, so far do like it. But I wrote this novel with a target audience in mind — 9 and up is what I was  thinking as the story unfolded. So I’ve been giving the book to my friends’ kids, asking them to tell me honestly what they think. And if they do like it, to please tell their friends. Trust me when I tell you I know these kids — if they don’t like it, they will let me know and they will give me detailed reasons why! So I have gotten my first review from a member of my target audience:

Katie Mumford is 11 years old. She wrote me a letter about the book, which I’m re-printing here. She identifies herself as a “Big Fan of Books.”


Dear Patti,

Your book was super amazing! I loved every detail about it! You were able to make me feel like I knew every one of the characters personally. The way you told the story through so many characters’ lives made reading it so much more enjoyable. I loved how everything and everyone you introduced became very important later (for example Nico and Beatrice), almost like a domino effect. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. I am going to ask my librarian if you can give my school an author visit.

Thank you for the book,

Katie Mumford


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