Donald Trump, in one of his recent tweet storms, used the word ‘beleaguered’ to describe Jeff Sessions. It’s unusual for him to use multi-syllable words, but let’s run with this for a moment. The dictionary definition of beleaguered is “suffering or being subjected to constant or repeated trouble or harassment.” Of course, the obvious absurdity of his use of that particular word is that he is the one who is subjecting Jeff Sessions to harassment…on the most public stage possible. Donald Trump is using his bully pulpit to be a bully. I have no particular affection for Jeff Sessions, but I feel sympathy for anyone who is publicly humiliated and repeatedly taunted by a narcissist who believes everyone should bow to him.

What’s really interesting about his choice of that word, though, is that he just described America in the age of Trump. In six short months, this president has demoralized this country, embarrassed us overseas, and put us on a constant twitter-watch to see what insane things he’ll come up with next. He has disregarded our Constitution, our system of checks and balances; he has undermined our dignity and left us frightened and insecure. And he has gotten us accustomed to his rampant dishonesty, which is a very dangerous place to be.

One small positive: he has inspired, in some of us, a feeling of compassion for people we never thought we’d feel compassion for. Jeff Sessions is one. Sean Spicer is another. I don’t think I am the only person who blanched when it was reported that Donald Trump excluded Spicer from his visit with the Pope. Sean Spicer is a devout Catholic; meeting the Pope would have probably been the most significant meeting of his life. And his boss, the President, deliberately and cruelly denied him that. Donald Trump has few talents, but he is adept at aiming for the jugular and publicly shaming people.

And if all that isn’t enough to depress us, he has now told us that no one, with the exception of Abraham Lincoln, is more presidential than he is. No, sir, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson — as well as many others — beat you by miles. John F. Kennedy was presidential when he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” My father was presidential when he stood in front of the Berlin Wall and said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” ( A line which his advisors kept removing from his speech only to have him put it back in.) President Obama was presidential when he, with class and dignity, rose above the horribly racist tirades directed at him, one of which you spearheaded. There is nothing presidential in strutting about like a bullying fourth-grader. There is nothing presidential about mimicking and insulting other people. There is nothing presidential about saying, “I’m president and you’re not.”

The majority of people in this beleaguered country are trying to tell you that. If only you could hear them over the roar of your own ego.


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  1. The first time in this country’s history that a foreign power has colluded in sabotaging one of our most sacred rights. Yet, on top of that, elected officials are complacent with excusing the campaign party that seems complicit and shrug it off as mere inconsequential. Seems everything he (Trump) does is whitewashed and swept under the rug these days. His totalitarian barking even at the people he appointed to his cabinet should send out red flags too. Four of his casino’s went under one after the other and his mindless followers just excuse it as business as usual. Casino’s have the deck stacked in their favor at 75% towards the house, and all 4 of his go under? C’mon, his ties with Roy Cohn and the mob doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this one. Skimming and money laundering are the least I would suspect. The concrete companies in NY that built his building were mob affiliated. I think the Justices of the Supreme court should subpoena all things related in these matters. This guy seems when he’s being investigated, all he has to do is fire the investigator. That’s what Roland Friesler and the Nazi’s did during their evil reign. I’m disgusted watching this Little Lord Fauntleroy wannabee destroy our country at his leisure.

  2. Eve Brandstein says:

    Absolutely agreed with this and admire the elegance and depth of your thoughts.
    Thank you !

  3. David Marks says:

    I’ll admit, Patti, I had the same reaction to Trump’s use of such a ‘sophisticated’ word as beleaguered; in fact, my first thought was that Sessions himself was being beleaguered, harassed, and bullied by only one source…DT himself. Unlike you, I have little pity for those whose lives have been spent in the advancement of self, all at the cost of others, particularly minorities and the less advantaged, however. You need to write more, so that I can climb onto the boat that cannot sink. Wonderful piece of writing.

  4. Rodney Wilson says:

    Thank you so much for this essay. I am feeling demoralized today by this president and your words have helped me feel better.

  5. Linda Abse says:

    Patti you are such an important voice of our time. Have you no desire to run for office, you’d sure have my vote, or do commentary like this for MSNBC possibly? You write so perfectly. Hitting the nail on the head each time. I thank you for putting into beautiful words what me and so many I know are feeling.

  6. Rosina says:

    Once again you so perfectly and elegantly express what we all feel. Thank you, Lovely Patti.

  7. Richard Haase says:

    beautifully written Patti

  8. Robyn Ringler says:

    Thank you for this Patti.

  9. Way to go Patty. Have you never considered, trying to get an editorial , on either a weekly or monthly basis, to express your views, to perhaps a wider audience, via a major newspaper.?? The WaPo had Jennifer Rubin, and I think your a much better writer than she is. Never before in American history, has the government, attempted to completely blind the American People, from that governments own corrupt actions, by cutting off its access to information to a free press, or lets say, gag Scientists in Nasa from Speaking, or Members of the Park service from communicating with each other. Only thieves and robbers, want to cut the lights before a major crime. Dont Republicans, breathe the same air, and drink the same water we do??? Dont they have kids, that need healthcare. This isnt a governement: Its a gaggle of vandals. Great article, too good not to seek a mainstream press audience.

  10. Adrian Tafolla says:

    Very well put Patti Davis. You wrote exactly how most of us are feeling in this country today. Applause!

  11. Anne Geissman Canright says:

    Thank you for your wise words, Patti. Although I do feel beleaguered, I do not feel alone. And this won’t last forever. (Even if however long it lasts will be waaaaay too long.)

  12. William Philip Cochran says:

    Patti, whem I heard President Trump say tjat he was more Presisential than all previous President except Li colm. The first thing I thought was “Thank God Nancy Reagan isnt here to have to hear this and then I immediately thought of you, Patri and how this man muat just drive you crazy. I know I’ve stopped watching all news because I get so depressed.
    Keep fighting Patti and thanl you for all you do. If your ever in Atlanta I will buy ypu a drink!

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