How do we go on like this? Offering ‘thoughts and prayers,’ having moments of silence, when we know that within weeks or even days, another shooting, very probably a mass shooting, will occur? With this latest tragedy in San Bernardino, we obviously need to know the motivation of the married couple who had amassed war weaponry and slaughtered innocent people, but whatever we learn is not going to prevent it from happening again. We want to know if it’s terrorism, but whatever the motive, 14 people are dead and 21 are injured. And we’re all terrified. The husband of a woman who was shot three times, and will survive, said that he doesn’t care if the motive was personal or ideological — to mow down innocent people like that is always terrorism, no matter what the reason.

They had to have gotten their weaponry here. It’s doubtful they had it shipped from overseas. So here we are again, with the stark reality of a country overflowing with guns. And the impenetrable wall of defiance built by those who think that more guns are the answer, and who refuse to acknowledge that easy access to guns has turned America into a killing field.

Aside from the appalling idiocy of suggesting that more people being armed is the answer, consider this: Einstein said, ‘The problems of the world will never be solved from the same level of thinking that created them.’ So more guns are not going to reduce gun violence, they will simply increase the body count.

Harry Reid said this about the inaction of Congress to change gun laws even as mass shootings become more frequent: “We as the legislative body of this country do nothing. So I have a question for every member of this body. How can we live with ourselves for failing to do the things that will reduce gun violence?” He also called the NRA “the quasi-military wing of the Republican party.”

Americans are not only frightened of movie theaters, schools, malls, concerts, work places…we are also scared that the people who we have elected to protect us will never do so because they’re frightened of the NRA. Which leaves us with the saddest question of all: Where is the courage to change going to come from?


  1. Gail Coleman Morris says:

    Thank you again, Patti Davis, for putting into words what I was thinking.

  2. David Marks says:

    How true, Patti, and poignantly said. Sending prayers for the dead and the wounded is nice, but that’s about it. These are the perfunctory sentiments of people who fail to act, who fail to protect and serve America, from a legislative point of view, of course. They coddle up to dismissive places in their corners, ignoring the obvious measures which need to be addressed, and time and time again, they fail us.
    Patti, you say it like no one else can…..from your words to their ears. If only they could hear.

    • Tim Daughtry says:

      I’m with you David but what specifically, now, can we do to prevent the next shooting? What are the measures we should take? Patti is right, we could only be weeks away from the next attack. I’ve never owned a gun in my life. But am I a sitting duck, naiive and vulnerable?

  3. Mick Bysshe says:

    Patti–this reminds me of your NOT ONE MORE post in May 2014–you might recall my response–“we won’t be turning our swords into plowshares anytime soon.” There may be many more who want to go out of this life in misguided glory of killing as many as possible before being gunned down. The war on terror has led to government sponsored more terror. Let’s do what we can to comfort the bereaved and reach out in love and wisdom to those around us think violent means is the only path to personal and world peace.

  4. Mick Bysshe says:

    Sadly, we won’t be turning our swords into plowshares anytime soon.

  5. Tim Daughtry says:

    I’m at a loss as to what we can do now. I don’t own a gun. So am I a soft target? Not afraid of dying. 63 and have enjoyed a great life. But my kids would miss me terribly. And why do I need to die? I’m hardly an infidel. But there’s no reasoning with this enemy. I guess all I can do is Pray It Forward and hope that stems this tidal wave.

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