As much as I hate politics, I do try and be a good citizen by listening to the candidates sometimes…as much as I can stand to listen to them. My tolerance is tested because THEY KEEP YELLING! I have a strong suspicion that their e-mails, including Hillary’s 50,000 e-mails, ALL LOOK LIKE THIS.

Donald Trump seems like he’s yelling even when his volume is turned down — he just has that yelling kind of personality that makes you back up and go, “Whoa, okay. Think I gotta leave now.” I’m relieved that Carly Fiorina has left the race. Volume 10 seems like the permanent setting for her voice. When she wasn’t allowed to participate in the last Republican debate, she said she wasn’t even going to watch it. She said she and her husband were going on a “date night.” It made me wonder — does she speak at that volume, and with that angry intensity, when she’s out to dinner at a restaurant? And is she the person in the movie theater that everyone is shushing?

Ted Cruz intersperses his yelling with a slimy, snaky tone, which I don’t think fools anybody. You just know he’s still yelling inside. And Marco Rubio not only yells, he repeats himself 4 times in a matter of minutes. That’s very concerning — he really should get checked out. Jeb Bush is now trying to yell, probably because no one could hear him over Donald Trump.

Do they think we’re all hard of hearing? Or is it that they think their points won’t be made unless THEY’RE SHOUTING THEM? I would like to remind people that 2 great orators — my father and Bill Clinton — did not yell. Yes, they understood the dramatic value of raising their voices at moments of passion, but that’s different from yelling. My father was known as the Great Communicator, and Bill Clinton is basically the smartest guy in the room — any room. So shouldn’t the candidates learn from them?

Bernie Sanders has, as far as I know, never spoken in anything below a yell. And Hillary makes me feel like I’m 9 years old and my mother is mad at me.

Lest we forget, whoever is President of the United States is going to have to negotiate  with other world leaders. Putin, for example. From what we’ve seen, Putin doesn’t yell too much, and I doubt anything would be accomplished by yelling in his face. Yesterday, I saw a child screaming in the market. He wanted to leave and his mother wasn’t finished shopping. It looked disturbingly familiar. It looked like every night of the evening news.

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  1. Lynda Wells says:

    Right on! Here’s yelling at you, babe. Oops, sorry…there was too much noise to see what I was saying!’-)

  2. Rodney Wilson says:

    Been hearing grumbles about this very thing — thank you for gathering up the unhappiness and solidifying it in words. Proverbs 15:1 would be a good lesson for the political class: “A soft word turns away wrath.”

  3. Tim Daughtry says:

    Patti, you are so right about the volume of these candidates. Lol.

    Ok, I have to ask you- who are you leaning towards? After Albright and Steinem’s disgraceful act of throwing millennial and younger women under the bus just for the sake of supporting Hillary, I am shifting my interest in Sanders. Granted, even if socialism worked (I wish it did) it will never play very well in the U.S. Kinda like Campus Crusade heading to Russia for a new fundraising campaign.

    I am conservative on enough issues that I will probably vote for a conservative candidate but, and this is a big but, if Cruz gets the nomination, I will cross party lines and vote for the Dem, no matter who they are, including Bernie.

    Liberals worry about Trump. Trump is a lightweight compared to Cruz. I am religious but Cruz is bad news bears. There’s mention of false prophets in the Bible and that fits Cruz to a letter. He will definitely undo abortion, come after gay marriage and LGBT with a vengeance that will shock America and he will indeed scorch the Middle East with carpet bombing. He is way more extreme that anyone seems to be getting.

  4. S Owen says:

    I completely agree with you. Spot On!
    I am reminded of children not getting their way when watching the debates.
    Donald Trump sounds like a spoiled child. One who isn’t getting his way and so proceeds to yell, repeating himself far too many times in a minute and makes one feel as though they are being reprimanded, waving his hands and pointing his fingers, as if scolding a pet for peeing on the rug. Though he is not the only one the stage that sounds like that. It has become far too often a like children in the school yard ready to tattle on each other then debate the issues and stay on track. The “He said this, he said that”.
    Everyday, I ask myself “why can’t we just have a nice clean presidential campaign? One that actually focuses on the issues.”
    Of course, I also wonder what happen to The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights. It makes one wonder why we have these when it appears that all those eho hold a government position feel they are above the laws written by our forefathers.
    Surely, there is someone who is very much like our late great President Ronald Reagan.

  5. Tom O'Brien says:

    Dear Patti,

    My sincere condolences on the passing of your mother. She was an amazing woman. After watching the lovely ceremony for her today, hearing all the touching stories, it is disturbing and stark contrast to the manner of communications we are subjected to in the current political debates. For candidates attempting to emulate your father, they are certainly doing a poor job of it. What ever became of respect for the individual? It certainly gives one pause to think that this level or lack of civility could someday become the fabric of the Office your father so honorably and gracefully served.

    Thank you for your insight and once again my condolences.


    Tom O’Brien

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