I wonder if Ann Coulter and Donald Trump will reflect at all on this day about the fact that this country was founded by immigrants. The only true Americans are Native Americans. Everyone else traveled across oceans to claim this land as theirs, which of course didn’t work out so well for Native Americans.

Mr. Trump and Ms. Coulter are now joined at the hip because of their insulting and derogatory rhetoric regarding any and all people from Mexico. That’s where the similarity ends, though. Donald Trump is endlessly amusing — what he says is vile but you can’t help laughing — while Ann Coulter is chillingly hateful. Recently, when protesters showed up at one of her book signings, Ms.Coulter said, “At least they aren’t out raping four year olds.”

Donald Trump, in a CNN interview with Don Lemon, quoted statistics that 80% of the women crossing the border from Mexico have been raped. Don Lemon pointed out that doesn’t mean the men coming over are criminals or rapists. Mr. Trump replied, “Well, someone’s doing the raping, Don!” Which prompted Jon Stewart to brilliantly suggest that perhaps that should be his campaign slogan: Trump in 2016. Someone’s doing the raping.

Here is what concerns me: We’re getting so accustomed to vile and disgusting comments about other human beings that we’re getting numb to it. People are still lining up to buy Ann Coulter’s book. Donald Trump is ahead of many other Republican candidates in the polls. And this complacency is not helped by other public figures twisting his words into something they weren’t. Ted Cruz admires Trump for bringing up the issue of illegal immigration. WHAT?! He didn’t bring up any issue — he called people from Mexico rapists, criminals and drug dealers. That’s what he said. And Ann Coulter said they rape four year olds. Does no one care about that?

By the way, Ann Coulter, who invokes my father’s name whenever it serves her purpose, has apparently acquired amnesia about the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, which my father signed into law and which brought 2.7 million immigrants (many who had come here illegally) into the work force.

So I wonder, when Mr. Trump and Ms. Coulter are eating their salads and their fruit plates today, if they will pause and think about who picked that lettuce and those strawberries, who helped get that food to their tables. It would be nice if they did, but my guess is, if they did think about it, they’d just say, “Well at least they took a break from raping and killing.”


  1. Brilliantly stated, Patti!

  2. Dan Black says:

    Once again proving the power of the written word. Well done.

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