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  1. Cheryl Achterberg says:

    Dear Patti,
    I am writing to thank you for your exquisite book, Floating in the Deep End. It is the most honest book I have read about Alzheimer’s care yet. It is also the book I wish I wrote. My efforts to support caregivers pale next to yours, but we are all committed to the same end–to give strength, hope, truth and encouragement to those who love and take care of loved ones with Alzheimer’s. Thank you again.

  2. Martin Quinn says:

    My name is Martin Quinn and I am from Tipperary, Ireland. I am currently working on a book and I am including a section on the Tipperary connection; the people, the place, the song, the heritage. I would like to include a piece on President Ronald Regan and his connection to Tipperary. Would love to hear from you.

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