If you’re an American citizen and are not yet frightened about the future of our country, then — I’m sorry — but I think something is wrong with you. The President of the United States is, by all accounts, beside himself with glee that he is creating chaos and instability in our government. He has stated that he likes it when people go at each other and he’s surrounded by the clash of conflict. It’s the Trumpian version of watching a dog fight. Or, if you want to borrow from history, how about the entertainment spectacle of putting Christians and lions into a ring and cheering at the carnage. Normal, mentally healthy people do not love chaos and conflict. But that’s who is in the White House, and that’s why America is now laughed at and derided around the world. We are no longer a strong nation. We are a nation that’s crumbling from within. This is how countries die, and we’re well on our way.

We’ve probably all had a lover who broke up with us via e-mail or text, and we spread the word amongst our friends that this person was loathsome and tacky and whatever other adjectives came to us. Donald Trump fired James Comey via the press. He fired Rex Tillerson by tweet. He had his garden gnome Jeff Sessions fire Andrew McCabe two days before he was to retire and start collecting his pension. And McCabe found out via the media also. This level of immaturity would have been unimaginable a decade ago, or even five years ago. Add to that the fact that a porn star named Stormy Daniels might well have more damning information on Donald Trump that Bob Mueller has, and then remind yourself that we are talking about the President of the United States. Are you scared yet?

Then there is the news that Russia has the ability to hack into our power grid, leaving us with no electricity, no water, no means of communication. It’s chilling that this has come to light when we have a petulant child occupying the Oval Office — someone who has no idea how to lead, and no idea how to protect us. Someone else in the administration might have had some ideas, but he’s firing everyone, so we’re basically left with him and the puppets who remain.

The tragedy is, if we had a Congress who knew how to speak up instead of whimper and grovel, Donald Trump wouldn’t be able to destroy our country. Tyrants and demagogues don’t destroy countries — the silent enablers around them do.

After McCabe was fired, John Brennan tweeted this to Donald Trump: ‘When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America…America will triumph over you.’

I admire Mr. Brennan’s optimism, and I pray that he’s right. But for America to triumph, there has to be an uprising of conscience and commitment to the ideals and the principles that this country was founded upon. Principles that Donald Trump regards as inconvenient to him. Principles that high school kids who are demanding gun control are committed to. At the moment, they are the adults in the room.

11 Responses to ARE YOU SCARED YET?

  1. Rodney Wilson says:

    That’s it: “Tyrants and demagogues don’t destroy countries — the silent enablers around them do.”

  2. David says:

    I knew it was bad … but you’ve just scared the crap outta me …

  3. David Marks says:

    I firmly believe the final straw was his handling of the McCabe situation. Nothing can get worse; Trump gave all of us a clear vision into his soul. the very sick and corrupt personality flaw he possesses, and as long as his party leaders continue to support him, he’s safe, for now, at least. Great column, Patti. I am unable to convey a more perfect view into the dangerous and reckless president who serves this nation with such dastardly cruelty. Thank you for reminding us all that this is the man who calls men and women to cowardice, a president who has destroyed the very model of the nation’s greatest position. I’m embarrassed, and yes, quite frightened.

  4. I still have that spare, dog-friendly room.

  5. Dean Robert Campbell says:

    Right on….I have gained many friends, and just as many enemies, by calling out this mans evil, sexist, homophobic, hate filled agenda and message. He is a CULT LEADER, for the ragefilled, sub middle class Americans, who have been taught, by an OPIOID addicted DJ, and their party, that they have been the VICTIMS, of imaginary conspiracies, powers, and that the white man, is now being persecuted. They live in a shadow world, of an antiodramian shift, from extreme inferiority,now to superiority, by belonging to his cult. I have yet to meet, A TRUMPER, who can maintain, an ego based continuity to his argumentation. They are irrational, very stupid, and have never been LEADERS, at any thing, in their lives. Please buy the Audio Book, the authoritarians, on Amazon. They all fit the profile. Bully for you, Patti. Those people who will stand up, against this madness, ALL READY ARE, and those that follow him, NEVER WILL. If there is a silver lining, we can now IDENTIFY Authoritarians, from their speeches, and Identify them in advance. The traits are quite obvious. Ask “Were you ever the initiator of a book club, a science club, or have you ever lead ANYTHING, ever in your life. ” That is a common trait. They are professional followers. Love to you and yours, Dean Campbell

  6. Chuck Adams says:

    I am awed by he paralysis that appears to have gripped our Congress. The corruption and the duplicity and the lying and scheming of the Trump administration is so obvious yet the Congress seems to be under some sort of mystical sway–could it be the Cobra Woman?–that makes them blind to all the injustice, all the lies, Democrats included. I pray that ultimately something good will come of this “lesson,” but I grow less confident each day that Donald will hear the magical words, “You’re fired!” That’s where we have to direct our congress women and men to go. It’s the obvious–and only–solution.

  7. William Philip Cochran says:

    Patti, I have been living in fear since the hour Trump was elected. I keep praying that his four years will end soon and I pray that Americans will rise up and defeat this person who resides in the White House.
    I’ve considered moving to another Country however I love this Country too much to just leave.
    I am a Reagan Republican and I be damned if I will just sit by and watch this idiot destroy what so many have worked so hard to protect and defend.
    We have to stand for what is right, put aside party affiliation and defeat Trump and defeat him in a way that we will never have to see his face again.
    Let’s not forget to pray and ask for God’s help in our quest to repair and restore our grear Nation.
    Thank you Patti for begin a light in today’s darkness.

  8. Ken W. Brown says:

    We are witnessing in real time the systematic dismantling of our democracy.
    Ty Patti!

  9. edward jenny says:

    loosing way too much sleep and respect for those who are supposed to protect us from this kind of infection

    on point as usual, thank you.

  10. jeff arch says:

    everything we were taught to elevate has now been trashed, and everything we were taught was trash has now been elevated. thanks for being on the front lines patti.

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