I wonder how Melania Trump formulated the two recent statements she put out. One excoriated Pamela Karlan for using Barron Trump’s name in a pretty innocuous, although inappropriate sentence, which Ms. Karlan later apologized for. The other, put out by her press secretary Stephanie Grisham, essentially defended her husband’s attack on Greta Thunberg because the 16-year-old climate activist is a public figure, which according to Melania means she’s fair game. Did the First Lady think these up while strolling amongst her glittering Christmas trees festooned with ‘Be Best’ ornaments?

What exactly does she even mean by ‘Be Best?’ Perhaps she could ditch the I’m-so -mysterious-I-don’t-need-to-talk-to-you façade and describe what she thinks are the best qualities and characteristics that human beings should strive for.

Would it be Donald Trump Jr.’s recent trip to Mongolia where he killed a rare and endangered Argali sheep, then as an afterthought got permission from the government for the slaughter? His father doesn’t really need to put any more effort into gutting the Endangered Species Act; just send his two sons out to kill everything that’s endangered. It seems to be their favorite activity.

Or would being best apply to Ivanka, who has gotten a total of 34 trademarks from China since her father was elected, or Jared Kushner whose company received 90 million dollars from foreign investors, funneled through off-shore accounts?

And how about Donald Trump’s constant stream of insults and threats? Is that what it means to be best? I’m confused, because I always thought that was when people were at their worst. Name-calling, mocking people with disabilities, deriding women because of their appearance, pandering to white supremacists who the president thinks are “very fine people” even though one of those people murdered a young woman named Heather Heyer.

You see, Melania, this just needs some clarification.

Greta Thunberg, at 16, traveled across the ocean in a solar-powered boat to come to America and take a stand on climate change. Donald Trump is too ignorant to even accept that the planet is in serious trouble. He is relentlessly pushing us over an edge which will mean the destruction of life on earth as we know it. Greta Thunberg is being her best. Donald Trump could never catch up to her.

A few years ago, Melania Trump gave a rare interview and said that people shouldn’t feel sorry for her. The only appropriate reaction to that is, ‘Huh?’ No one feels sorry for you, Melania. You fit perfectly in that family, altering the truth, enabling cruelty, and stomping on the truth with your stilettos.

Many years from now, if the earth still has life on it, historians will look back at this period and conclude that the ‘Be Best’ gimmick should have been kicked into the gutter because at the highest levels of government, too many were being their worst.




  1. Karin Costa says:

    Thank you, Patti. Well stated.

  2. She is, indeed, an embarrassment. But compared to the other members of her family? I have no idea who is the worst one. It’s a tossup.

  3. Philly Brooks says:

    Wow Patti! Beautifully said.

  4. Richard Fischoff says:

    Prostitution and politics. The oldest professions.

  5. Patricia Sullivan Webb says:

    Well said and I have to add – when did ‘ Be Best’ become proper English grammar? It’s Be Your Best’ The whining this entire family excepting Tiffany and Baron complain about is disgusting. Trumps idea of ‘ take your daughter to work day, is to give her and her husband highly classified clearances they couldn’t get on their own and give Ivanka and Jared top administration posts neither has any experience in. A close friend of mine whose son is best friends with Jared and Ivanka told me Ivanka is planning to run for president in 2024. They think they are the republican Kennedy’s. Trump includes
    Ivanka in his over seas trips to fill out her resume. Because even Trump knows licensing one’s name to products does not mean you have political skills. If it did, let’s nominate Jessica Simpson for president. The entire family, the lot of them, are crazy egomaniacs.
    Trump used to use the name John Barron when he planted stories about himself to the press. He used the name for years. In NYC it isn’t an inside joke that he named his son Baron, it’s common knowledge. Imagine if Michelle Obama had said’ I know my husband just won the presidency, but it’s the middle of the school year, so we won’t be moving to the WH until the end of the school year, Obama would have been blasted. That stunt cost we taxpayers two million a week to safeguard Melania and Baron in NYC while what was really happening was Melania was re negotiating her pre nup.

    Melania had not signed up to be First Lady and she beat her husband at his own game and guaranteed herself a great pay out should they divorce after his presidency. Chelsea Clinton and Amy Carter suffered the slings and arrows of the enemies of their fathers, all because their father’s took office while they were pre teens and going through the changes all kids do at that age. I really had hopes Trump would take direction, be chastened by the magnitude of the office and history. Instead, we have presidency by tweet, the market going up or down depending on what Drumph has decreed that minute. Greta Thunberg is a kid; Trump isn’t stupid enough to believe the climate isn’t warming, he simply wants to exploit the warming waters for more oil. He’s far worse than I ever imagined. Wait til Rudy is indicted and Trump states he really didn’t know what Rudy was doing. Rudy was acting on his own. The question is how long even dumb Americans buy Trump’s act. We are frighteningly close to becoming a totalitarian government. I guess there are a lot more $ 50,000 jackets for Melania to buy. Maybe they make her happy for a few minutes, but she’s no Jackie Kennedy or Nancy Reagan. She did not go to college( lied that she finished) was an unsuccessful model, she is no Einstein and her parents and sister are here through chain migration. Melania’s father was part of Slovenia’s communist government. And wasn’t your father’s slogan’ a slight variation of Make America Great’? It was ‘ Let’s Make America Great Again.’ You and your brothers should be getting royalties from the sales of the merch Trump sells with your dad’s slogan. God Help

  6. Ken W.Brown says:

    Perfect! You’re the best.

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