813A7526The latest Amazon review for my book The Wit and Wisdom of Gracie included a minor complaint: the reader said she wished the book had been longer because she wanted to hear more of my opinions. So, I am borrowing my mother’s website to share with my loyal followers a few of my recent thoughts.

I find the current state of the world terribly upsetting. I’m quite informed about what is going on, as my mother leaves the TV on for me when she goes out, tuned to CNN because I’ve made it clear I like Anderson Cooper (I write about this in my book.) I believe I speak for dogs everywhere, and probably all animals when I say, “What is wrong with you people?” Everyone seems to be shooting guns at everyone else, there are wars everywhere…does anyone even remember what the fights are about?

We in the animal kingdom do not behave this way. Animals in the wild kill for food, obviously, and sometimes over territorial disputes. But we don’t walk around with hatred and anger seething beneath our skin. We don’t torture and humiliate, nor do we think we’re better than another because we’re one color and they’re something else. I’ve heard humans say that dogs are color blind — well, not completely as far as our actual vision is concerned. We can see colors, just not all of them. But where it really counts, yes we are color blind, and you should be too.

Instead of imprisoning, abusing and slaughtering animals, why don’t humans learn from them? Why not learn from the intense and bloodborn loyalty that wolves have for their pack members? Or the deep emotional ties that elephants have for their children and their mates? Listen to the songs of whales, and listen to the wrenching sound of grief that comes from them when they are separated from a loved one. Watch the footage of a baby rhino weeping after he watched his mother brutally murdered, and please ask yourselves why. Why does the world have to be like this?

Many of us have glorious lives — I certainly do. And I know that the world could be a kinder and more peaceful place, but it’s going to take a really big village to make that happen. That’s about all I have to say for now. For more of my philosophy on life, please get my book The Wit and Wisdom of Gracie, by Gracie Davis. In closing, I will add that I might have to stop watching CNN for a while, because it’s making me sad. I think my mother should turn on American Idol instead — I like Howard Stern a lot.

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