gracie and daisyIt has come to my attention that there is a pug named Brandy who surfs and snow-boards! She has some YouTube videos, which my mother showed me, and is quite busy on Instragram.

As the readers of my book (The Wit and Wisdom of Gracie, by Gracie Davis) know, I have some prowess when it comes to aquatic adventures. This picture is of me and my friend Daisy. We had a swim date, and if you look at me on the left you can see I’m trying hard to win. I must say, though, a surfing pug is very impressive! I’m not at all sure I could do that, and since I’ve never seen snow I’m positive that snow-boarding is out of the question. I sincerely admire Brandy and hope to one day meet her.

In fact, I think it would be wonderful if Brandy and I could collaborate on a fitness book. She could do the adventurous workouts — you know, the really advanced stuff — and I could offer instruction on paddling in the pool, stretching, rolling on the grass, and perhaps some pug yoga.

I don’t believe in being competitive when it comes to my writing career. There is plenty of room in the world for canine authors. Maybe Brandy will get in touch with me. I have my own Facebook page. We could also discuss athletic wear for pugs — she has some very cool workout wear! Where another pug might get jealous, I see a business opportunity.



  1. Maisie says:

    Dear Gracie,

    My mama just read me your blog regarding Brandy. Her snow boarding skills are all fine and good but I bet you could beat her in a 100 yard dash. You run like the wind every morning to meet me on our walk. Very impressive! Also, I loved your book “The Wit and Wisdom of Gracie”. I look forward to a sequel. 🙂

    your friend, Maisie xoxo

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